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National Taiwan University
Computer Science
Average Length
2~5 weeks per course
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About this series

The CAD/BIM specialization is design for everyone, from fundamental theory to detailed project, sharing 3D modeling skills and crucial concepts.

What you'll learn

The CAD/BIM specialization aims to let students master this skill apply it in the real world.

Target Learners

There's no limit.


Basic knowledge of 3D CAD modeling.

Course Details

Students will learn BIM model process and knowledge of Building Information Modeling.

從 2021-01-31 開始

Students will learn modeling process and basic knowledge of building construction.
從 2021-03-12 開始

Học viên sẽ học được quy trình mô hình BIM và những kiến thức căn bản về BIM (Mô hình thông tin công trình)

從 2022-03-21 開始

Students will learn functions of SketchUp and build 3D models.
從 2021-03-12 開始


Shang-Hsien Patrick Hsieh
National Taiwan University
Shih-Chung Jessy Kang
National Taiwan University
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Prof. Shih-Chung Jessy Kang, Ph.D. of Stanford University, is currently a professor in department of civil engineering in National Taiwan University. His research focuses on the advanced visual and robotics tools for engineering purposes. He developed multiple methods on the automation and simulation for crane operations.  He is now the editor-in-chief of Visualization in Engineering. He edited multiple special issues on the topics related to the visualization and robotics applications. Prof. Kang is also an active researcher on innovative engineering education. He offers courses on engineering graphics, game development, data visualization and robotics and was award as NTU excellent teacher. His coursera course on engineering graphic was ranked top 2% MOOCs among Chinese learners.