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Privacy Policy

Welcome to「中華開放教育平台」(as used in this Privacy Policy, "we," "us," and "our" refer to OpenEdu), we care about the confidentiality and security of your personal information. To help you understand clearly how this platform collects, processes, uses and protects your privacy and personal information on your network, please read our Privacy Policy and Information Security Policy carefully.

1.The scope of application

Privacy Policy and Information Security Policy, including how we handles the personally identifiable information collected when you use the Platform Services. This policy does not apply to the website published by third parties, you must refer to the Privacy Policy and Information Security Policy on the website you visit and use.

2.What personal information we collect

We may log the IP address, use time, used browser, browse, click on the data records, etc. The data is for internal use only as a reference for our promotion of our website services.
  1. Internal use: as we enhance the site service reference.
  2. Open data
When you use our services, we will follow the "Personal Data Protection Act" and the relevant laws and regulations, it will not be applied beyond the collection for a specific purpose. In addition to the above two cases, we will not collect any personal identity information

3.Security and Account Deletion

Our host has the necessary safety precautions, and continue to receive information security management system validation, your personal information using strict protection measures, only by authorized personnel to access your personal information, the relevant processing staff are signed confidential Contract, if breach of confidentiality obligations, will be subject to relevant sanctions. You can apply for 'account deletion' by sending email to All the data will be deleted after confirming with you. This deletion step can not be recovered.

4.Collection and use of personal information

Except for the following conditions, we will never expose your personal information to third parties or use it for any purpose other than for the purpose of collecting:
  1. The law expressly provides.
  2. With the executive branch to perform the legal duties necessary range.
  3. To prevent the significant harm to the rights and interests of others.


We will use cookies to help us better provide you the best service. If you want to disable cookies, you can set the browser`s privacy to disable it. Or check with your browser`s provider to find out how to disable cookies. Please note that certain features of our website will not be available once cookies are disabled.

6.Protection of Personal Information

Keep your password and personal information, not to anyone. Please remember to log out when you finish your session. If you are using public computer, remember to close the browser window to prevent others from reading your personal information, letters or access to the subordinate unit management area.

7.Changing our Privacy Policy and Information Security Policy

Please note that we review and may make changes to this Privacy Policy from time to time. When changes are made, the Privacy Policy link will include a notation "Revised (date)." Indicating that you should review the new terms, which will be effective immediately upon posting on this page, with an updated effective date.
Effective Date: August 19, 2014