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Basic Good Pharmacy Practice
Taipei Medical University
1 hours per week
English Indonesian
Course Fee
Chung-Hsuen Wu
Chung-Hsuen Wu
Taipei Medical University
Yuh-Lih Chang
Yuh-Lih Chang
Taipei Veterans General Hospital
Division Chief
Shao-Chin Chiang
Shao-Chin Chiang
Koo Foundation Sun Yat-Sen Cancer Center
Deputy Director

About this course

This courses mainly provide the pharmacists with pharmaceutical knowledge and cultivate professional ability. The courses are inclusive of preparation of medical products, clinical pharmacy services, and the improvement of related knowledge, and so on.

What you'll learn

1. Understand the regulations and the current situation of GPP.
2. Realize the standards and preparation of sterile products and chemotherapy drugs.

Target Learners

Pharmaceutical students and pharmacists.

Course Features

The lecturers comprehensively show the related knowledge of GPP. Besides, professors will discuss the preparation of sterile products and chemotherapy drugs. In the course, students will learn how a pharmacist work in hospital.

Course Syllabus

Week 1
Part I Introduction of Taiwan NHI 
Part II Introduction of Good Pharmacy Practice (GPP) Courses 
Week 2 Good Pharmacy Practice Good Pharmacy Practice (GPP) in hospital setting 
Week 3 Evolution of GPP in hospital settings in Taiwan 
Week 4 Sterile product preparation 
Week 5 I Hazardous drug handling I 
Week 6 II Hazardous drug handling II


This part passing score is 60 (full score: 100). 
*Quiz: 50% 
*Midterm: 25% 
*Final: 25%
Certificate of Completion