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寶藏在細節裡 Aspen Plus - Treasure is hidden in the details(2022秋季班)
National Chung Hsing University
Applied Science
Chemical Engineering
1 hours per week
Traditional Chinese
Course Fee
Certificate Fee
NTD 200
Vincentius Surya Kurnia Adi
Vincentius Surya Kurnia Adi
National Chung Hsing University
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Degree - National Cheng Kung University (2008 – 2013)
Master Degree - National Cheng Kung University (2006 – 2008)
Bachelor Degree - Bandung Institute of Technology (2001 - 2005)

Vincentius Surya Kurnia Adi is an assistant professor in the Chemical Engineering Department, National Chung Hsing University. His research centers on developing new insights in process synthesis and design, especially in flexibility analysis of chemical processes.

About this course

You need production equipment to make things if you want to make money. This course will elaborate the design applications on classical chemical processes and unit operations, and solids handling. Mass production of any products can only be answered with integrated processes and equipment. Using a flowsheet simulator, students can quantitatively model a chemical processing plant. In general, a chemical processing plant is comprised of the core reactor unit and different additional unit operations, in the form of preand post-treatment steps, as well. Aspen Plus flowsheet simulator technology is progressively used in petroleum, petrochemical, and chemical industries, at large. Once the student masters such a powerful tool, he/she can use it in his/her daily professional life.

What you'll learn

1. To introduce the use of process simulator for unit operation designs.

2. To be familiar with specific unit operation problems and process simulator instructions to solve such problems

3. Develop students' understanding of and skills in chemical process synthesis, design, evaluation, and optimization.

4. Enhance students' skills in process simulation.

5. Support integration of chemical process design knowledge and skills already acquired.

Target Learners

Interested in entrepreneurship, plant design management

Course Features

Unit operation design based on process simulator and application of Aspen Plus in process design and analysis

Course Syllabus

Unit 0 : Start dreaming

Unit 1 : How much is your product?

Unit 2 : Take what you need

Unit 3 : Produce goods

Unit 4 : Utility comes naturally

Unit 5 : When heat is required

Unit 6 : Solids Handling

Unit 7 : Familiar with your goods

Unit 8 : Let waste become gold

Unit 9 : The first step to become a millionaire


10% quiz,

20% homework,

30% mid-term exam,

40% final-term exam


English basic reading skills

Certificate of Completion