Creativity & Business Administration

Average Length
6-8 weeks per course
1-2 hours per course, per week
Number of Courses
Business Management

About this series

Creativity is the driver of success and a crucial skill for anyone wanting to enhance their career. The “Creativity and Business Administration” series includes 3 courses  “Creative Marketing,” “Creative Essentials of Economics.” and ”Business Opportunities in East Asia”. Incorporating both theory and practice, we hope to set up a solid foundation for business studies, provide learners with a better understanding of the subject along with useful knowledge that can be applied to their daily lives.

What you'll learn

This course series in creativity and business will help you become adaptable to the ever changing business environment. The first course helps you incorporate marketing tools, theories and put them into practice, strengthen your creative thinking muscle.The second course provides you with essential knowledge on Economics, taught with creative and fun examples to spark your interest. The third course help builds your connection with the East Asian market. By understanding the cultural, social and economical background of the region, you will gain insights that could help prepare you for the perfect business opportunity.

Target Learners



None, or with previous knowledge on business studies.

Course Details

1. Based on basic discourse of marketing theories, students will effectively understand the development and evolution of marketing models.
2. With s...

Starts on 2020-03-16
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1. Understand basic and practical economic theories and make optimal decisions.
2. Be familiar with the mechani...

Starts on 2020-03-16
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1. Understanding ASEAN countries’ current political and economic development.
2. Realizing the advantages and challenges of ASEAN for future development.
3. Understanding the ma...

Starts on 2020-03-16
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Ching-Wei Tan, Ph.D.
Hsing Wu University of Science and Technology
Associate Professor
Chih-Jen Li, Ph.D.
Ming Chuan University
Assistant Professor
Shang-Mao Chen, Ph.D.
Fo Guang University
Hung-Chang Chen, Ph.D.
Fo Guang University
Assistant Professor
Yu-Chen Tseng, Ph.D.
Fo Guang University
Assistant Professor
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